johannes_d (johannes_d) wrote in paragon2,

Paragon2 Souvenir Books

More than 2.5 cwt of Souvenir books, all enveloped and stamped were taken to the post office today in time for the 12:30 collection. These are the UK addresses and, royal mail willing, should thud heavily onto doormats early next week.

Foreign addresses will be posted tomorrow morning. Delivery will depend on the speed of yak train, camel or shiny van used by the various mail carriers between Sheffield and the afore mentioned exotic parts.

One copy is being sent to each Adult and junior Member. Children and infants do not get a copy.

There are a small number of people (mainly walkins) for whom we do not have postal addresses. If you believe yours is one of these please email me on members[at] obviously replace the [at].
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