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Paragon2 - Eastercon 2005

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PARAGON2 is the Eastercon for 2005 (also known as the 56th British National Science Fiction Convention). It was held over the Easter weekend (25 - 28 March), at the Hanover International, near Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK.

Our Guests of Honour were: John and Eve Harvey, Ben Jeapes,Ken MacLeod, Richard Morgan and Robert Rankin.

Paragon2 was sofa-ed by Fran Dowd, supported by James Bacon, Julia Daly, John Dowd, Nigel Furlong, Sabine Furlong, Alice Lawson, Steve Lawson, and John Richards.

This community is for anyone who is interested in the convention, members or not, to exchange information, contact the committee or each other, arrange hotel and transport sharing, come up with ideas for programme, or just chat. It's being managed by Fran Dowd, the Sofa.