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"Distraction" is a biennial series of small conventions, each to be based on a key element of science fiction and fantasy, considering all SF+F media (books, films, TV etc.)

It's planned to run alternate years with Redemption, so the first one will be the last weekend in February (24 - 26) in 2006. The venue will be the Chequers Hotel in Newbury, which will take a 100-person convention fairly comfortably. (Although it isn't good for wheelchairs or people who can't do stairs.)

The people running it are Fran and John Dowd, Steve and Alice Lawson, James Bacon, Julia Daly, John Richards and Douglas Spencer - most of whom were on the committee for Paragon2, this year's Eastercon at Hinckley. We're looking to recreate the buzz from Paragon2, mixing serious discussion on multi-media SF with a lot of fun, and incorporating some of the things we've seen Redemption do.

Distraction 2006 will have Government as the main topic for discussion and activity.

Provisional future topics... Distraction 2008: Gender

You can find out more about the 2006 convention by going to the website where you can also find a membership form -

There's also a Distraction LJ (  distraction_con  ) and a Yahoo Group at

At the moment the groups are just starting a discussion on a reading / watching / listening / looking at list about Government - please join in, even if you have no intention of coming to the con !!!

(I'm going to cross-post this to the Redemption LJ as well, so sorry if you're seeing it twice.)

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