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Richard III Script

David Wake has been working long and hard on the script for the Audience Participation Richard III. It’s been a difficult process!! More of a challenge perhaps than we originally thought. The Rocky Horror audience script took a long time to develop, and I suspect the first person who stood up in a cinema and fired a water pistol wasn’t the most popular guy in the universe. And there are many different versions, protocols and etiquettes around, it’s still evolving. We’re trying to jump in partway through this process, with an entertaining, complete script that the audience isn’t yet familiar with. We’ve kept the key set speeches and the plot, but just the bare bones and then added extra script for both cast and audience to keep everyone involved and having fun. Perhaps not the purist approach, but it gives everyone a head start. If other groups or conventions want to take it and run with it, it’ll change and develop.

Or at least we hope so - and we’ve already been approached by some other interested parties.

There are currently two versions of the script, one with some surprises in it! and one for you to look at in advance. You can still contribute audience lines if you want. It’s up on the web at - to contribute, just follow the email link on site.

(Or post here, if you prefer)

If you volunteered and haven't heard from David, or are interested in any aspects of the production - acting, costume, music etc., just shout (and then write to us).

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